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TheRasberryReich.jpg52 viewspaulzy
TheLonging.jpg46 viewsgadmin
lies.jpgstar wars lies47 viewsShows a new generation star wars figure for EUgadmin
arrows.pngDragon naturally speaking: little arrows48 viewsWhen voice recognizng in a webpage while using fiurefox 3, what do I do when these little colored arrows appear in a webpage? I try saying select and choose followed by the number and it just creates more numbers-arrows pointiung to more links going to other parts of the page. How do I activate one of the numbers so that it opens at the number to open the URL? CLICK IMAGE TO SEE BIGGER IMAGE, CLICK TO CLOSE IT.gadmin
00_offensive.jpgThe most offensive image ever46 viewsThis repulsive image was plastered alongside a semi truck driver side door. Why this company thought an image of a white female with blue eyes would represent a Native American female is just vulgar. This just proves once again that whites have not changed.gadmin
personasKilled_MyBrowser.pngInstalling personas killed my toolbars!!51 viewsusing Firefox 3.0.14 Ubuntu and i wanted to try those personas, well they destroyed all of my toolbars except, suspiciously, the Google toolbar!!gadmin
iC4_CB_error.jpgiClone 4 Content Pack installation error47 viewsI'm trying to install Bonus_Character_CloneBobe.exe into iClone 4.11.1218 Standard and keep getting this error. i uninstalled and re-installed. nothing. The forum at is useless.gadmin
iC4_TTS_error.jpgiClone 4 crashing with text to speech35 viewsI have an a500n HP AMD Athlon XP, 2 GB RAM, 2 gHz CPU. Using XP Home SP3.
I know I'll have issues with iC4 in this environment, but i managed to create a scene and rendered an upload it to XTube with no problem. But I'm following this on YouTube and I;m trying to do basic scripting. I can get to the facial Animation Modify page, but when Iclick the Text Speech button I get the Windows Crash dialog every time.
ic4_noCS.JPGiClone 4 Standard is making me mad!!43 viewsHow can I switch cameras in Standard? What exactly can I DO in Standard?? I'm finding out more and more that ALL of the tutorials and videos are showcasing PRO, NONE of them showcase Standard! WHAT CAN STANDARD DO?? What did I buy?

whatGives.JPGSony Vegas Pro 9 rendering QT .mov files as black thumnails.35 viewsI have used DJ assets in Sony Vegas Pro 8 & 9 and only encountered corrupt Quicktime .mov displaying as black thumbnails when RAM was low or Apple invades my system illegally and forces me to upgrade QuickTime by breaking the codec remotely. But that's not the case here. Look at this image and tell me what you see.

Until last week these showed up normally just like the others. BUT, and I cannot explain how, they started showing up as black thumbnails. The 1735 Jumpback (Film celluiod tunnel) and the 1763 Fireworks both are typed as Photo JPEG and not QT Animation. I cannot explain how this could be. Since they were free DJ Download I cannot get anywhere else. Now see here's the thing: both of them display correctly in Explorer and QuickTime 7.6.6

So what gives? Why are these two typed as Photo JPEG? I never rendered them out as such, becasue they were downloads (I later bought Tunnel Vision II).
screen.PNGScreenshot25 viewsgadmin
3Dbook.jpg27 viewsgadmin
IMG00044-20100801-0354.jpg20 viewsgadmin
IMG00045-20100801-0355.jpg20 viewsgadmin
IMG00046-20100801-0355.jpg20 viewsgadmin
IMG00047-20100801-0358.jpg20 viewsgadmin
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