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MGS-PS2.jpgMetal Gear Solid83 viewsScreenshot of Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation on PlayStaion 2.
Note there is no visual improvement on newer console. Sony claimed
PS1 games would look better on the PS2, but clearly that is not the case.
DSC00496.JPGSnake life bar43 viewsSolid Snake's life bar under NORMAL mode is the same under EASY Mode. Even the enemy life bars seem unchanged. But then again I never got far enough under EASY to see if the eenemy life bar is equal or greater than Snakes. gadmin
GOW005.jpgGet the prize7 viewsNow that you've made it to the other side, get you Blood Orbs and just drop down and go back up to fight the Evil Minions. gadmin
GOW004.jpgLead of faith15 viewsStand at the very edge (you won't fall off), be sure to be at the apex of the roof. Then dounle jump on to ledge. If done right you'll straddle the ledge; then just hop up.gadmin
GOW003.jpgThere's the roof15 viewsOnce you get to the top of the giant wooden structure. Jump down onto the rooftop, and you'll be able to see the two Blood Orb chest across the way. gadmin
GOW001.jpgPull the lever32 viewsYou'll need to rotate the giant crossbow before you can get the chest. Use the R2 button to pull the lever so the crossbow is pointed at the building across the courtyard. gadmin
GOW002.jpgPulling the arrow back15 viewsKratos firng the arrow; it then flies across the courtyard smashing theall to reveal two chests. (See video)paulzy
Kratos-Costume.jpgKratos's new costume51 viewsKratos' Suit of Bloode. In this he has been bath in the blood of his enemies. His shoulders are spread thick and through with blood splatter. His crouch has the skull of a forgotten God who dared attempt to smite Kratos.
His waist is covered in the dirt and grime of his agony over his betrayal.
His boots are doused in the Flames of Fury from the Gods that betrayed him.
His head carries the Horns of Hate that he has for all mankind who worships spiteful gods and foolish men of the cloth.
His hips are adorned with Evil Bats of DemonSpawn that he killed and stuck on to his sides, so thay may fly him to the heavens to battle the gods once and for all.
GOW002.mpgFiring the giant crossbow to blast open the wall and door.25 viewsOnce you have rotated the crossbow. Get in back of it and use R2 to pull the bow back, and then release it when you see Kratos pull the bow as far as it will go. It will then blast the wall across the courtyard. Later you'll climb up and get the two chest filled orbs. (See next)gadmin
1-_002.jpgMusashi deep underground in the rock quarry9 viewsI said I would find that other mystsic and I'm gunna!gadmin
1-_001.jpgMusashi deep underground in the rock quarry15 views gadmin
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