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deleteingSpam-myspace.txtGetting rid of thos mySpace Tracker spam comments52 viewsRecently mySpace pages have been plauged with the mySpaceTracker comment spam. I found a way to remove the comment from your page. You have to do a bit of editing with HTML for it to work. But it does work.paulzy
Rio-Carbon-alert.jpgRio Carbon Alert message47 viewsWhen playing WMA files on my Rio Carbon 5 GB (Firmware versions 3.02, 1.95, & 1.43) I keep getting this message after about a week of playing the file: Alert! Grace Notice. Connect to Music Service and re-transfer a track to maintain playback.

These songs were PURCHASED from RealRhapsody 3.1. So why is there a grace period? How/Why does this effect my playback ability? Will I be unable to play the file later on after paying good money for it? Can I get my money back (refund) if I can't play it?
Rio-Carbon-about.jpgThe Rio Carbon 5GB Firmware v3.0245 viewspaulzy
File0035.jpgRio Carbon 5GB154 viewsRio Carbon

The Rio Carbon is a 5GB MP3 music player and digital voice recorder. It also allows you to listen to books on tape, it even has a neat stopwatch feature. You can customize the sound with preset equalizer settings or use the 5 band grapgic equalizer to set your own. It also has a 20 hour lithium ion battery.
DSC00001.jpgThe lights for each network/DSL connection.65 viewsShowing each active connection for the first PC, the Dreamcast, and the second PC. Since, I now have an active connection with Dreamcast's Broadband Adapter (BBA), the fourth port will be for the PS2. When I get a spare cable.gadmin
DSC00007.jpgThe Dreamcast being fed from the DSL connection.72 viewsThe CAT 5e cable connected to the Dreamcast Broandband Adapter. gadmin
DSC00017.jpgThis shows how each cable is connected to my router.66 viewsThe cables connected to their various ports: PC 1 on port 1, the Dreamcast on port 2, PC 2 on port 3, and the 4th port is for the PS2 when I get another CAT 5e cable.gadmin
AdessoCT8600.jpgAdesso CyberTablet 860049 viewsThe Adesso 8x6 CyberTablet 8600 was a great purchasing decision for me. I recommend it if you are looking for a graphics tablet. It is very large and sturdy.paulzy
Philips-PMDVD6T-2.jpgPhilips-PMDVD6T-242 viewsA slight change in interface.gadmin
Philips-PMDVD6T.JPGPhilips PMDVD6T Universal Remote56 viewsThis remote is amazing, save the fact that it has no backlight and the layout is not very intuitive. It can control 6 devices and has nice slim design.paulzy
sparedvideocard.jpgnVIDIA 6800 card is OK42 viewsEven though it has no fan, the heat sinks were designed to keep IT cool. Saying nothing of the environment in which it is installed, however.gadmin
hothouseputey.jpgThe empty case40 viewsThe fried supply was taken out, and let the case coold down, before putting the new supply inside.gadmin
cooleddowncpu.jpgCooled down PC, without fried supply46 viewsThe Pentium III with it's own fan was spared, but still it had to endure the heat of it's house.gadmin
deadpowersupply.jpgDead Power Supply42 viewsMy Power Supply is on fire!
Yep! It finally happened. I knew this going to happen you should know, it's just that... well ... I'm just glad it was the power supply and nothing else.
myPutey.jpgMy PC Setup46 viewsThis is the Throne on which my drama and art is created. Not there are TWO of them! Oooo aaaaah Oooogadmin
My-Adesso-ArtPad-2.jpgAdesso CyberTablet 8600 - Insert Template65 viewsI just found out today that I can remove the insert. I thought it was just part of the tablet. I did know the plastic sheet lifted up, but I never knew why. Until today I lifted the plastic part up by mistake and the butterfly sheet lifted up, too. So I printed a porno..I mean a pretty picture and I am now using it as my tablet backdrop. I guess it also serves to aid in drawing directly on you art work, or graphing, or anything else that you want make sure you have the design right.paulzy
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