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AdessoCT8600.jpgAdesso CyberTablet 860049 viewsThe Adesso 8x6 CyberTablet 8600 was a great purchasing decision for me. I recommend it if you are looking for a graphics tablet. It is very large and sturdy.paulzy
My-Adesso-ArtPad-2.jpgAdesso CyberTablet 8600 - Insert Template65 viewsI just found out today that I can remove the insert. I thought it was just part of the tablet. I did know the plastic sheet lifted up, but I never knew why. Until today I lifted the plastic part up by mistake and the butterfly sheet lifted up, too. So I printed a porno..I mean a pretty picture and I am now using it as my tablet backdrop. I guess it also serves to aid in drawing directly on you art work, or graphing, or anything else that you want make sure you have the design right.paulzy
badBlackberryBackup.PNGBad Blackberry Backup29 viewsWhile attempting to backup my Blackberry Pearl 8100 ( / via Blackberry Desktop Manager I got this message:

"Could not establish communications with the device. A required application is missing from the device."

I was having problems using the WAP Browser and getting e-mail on my Blackberry, but not the OperaMini browser. A while back a T-Moblie Blackberry tech said that doing a "battery pull" would refresh the device and the Service Books - after I did that the WAP browser worked and I started getting all my e-mail. Today I wanted to do a backup and got the above message.

What could have happened here? I have not called T-Mobile because their tech desk is closed
whatgoingon.JPGBB Pearl 8100 has black LCD, but powers on30 viewsYesterday, I wanted backup my Pearl 8100. I turned it on, the T-Mobile splash came up, so I looked away to start backing up my Bold 2 9700, then a few minutes later i am staring at a completely white screen on the 8100. I thunk its because the battery died (cause I haven't used it in a month). So I pull the battery out, the red light blinks twice...then nothing. I want, pull it again, same thing. i thing so the battery is drained. So I plug it up. I get a green light, turn it on...nothing.

I plug it into my PC via the USB. Then I start the Blackberry JavaLoader to take a screen shot, and discover that phone is working. but it's stuck on the confirm date screen. The Desktop manager recognized it, and I was able to back it up.

I can use the Green Phone Key, the Red Power key, and the side buttons. All other buttons and the trackball are ignored. It loads my theme, I've seen the phone screen, I've seen the two apps that load from the side buttons, but the Date Confirm screen just stays there, and the trackball and keypad won't work.

Any thoughts? As I upgraded to the 9700, I only use this phone to play a game I really like (Hero's Lore), and the OS is still in tact nothing is corrupt, except the aforementioned keys don't do anything.

BB8100_507error.jpgBlackberry Chronicles Part 172 viewsI have the same "APP ERROR 523" issue. I read this blog ( and suddenly realized what had caused it. I did indeed send myself an MMS,as well as an MMS forwarded as an e-mail. But, I recall deleting soon after. The last thing I did was set that alarm to wake me up at 10:30a to 'Jesus Of Suburbia' by Green Day. Now, this MP3 file was 22MB large and maybe that played a part. But, the strange thing was that when I woke to turn it off my Pearl was asking for my PIN password - which it only does when it first turns on. Then it aksed for my password, after that I heard a tone (one of my event reminders) and then it went to the APP ERROR SCREEN. So I reset it, and it just kept doing it, over and over.

So it may be an MMS file I recieved or sent. Or maybe the "Phantom" theme that I downloaded for free is the cause.
I cannot sy for sure, but I try it out and see. I did load some apps like xTemplate, and AutoLock and ColorPearl.
Maybe these are the issues.

I used the JL_Cmder program to no avail. I used it to wipe the Blackberry because that is what i read from here, but then I got the 507 ERROR. So the advice was "re-install the operating system".

I started the Desktop manager, and it does nothing. Except crash. I downloaded and installed the latest OS (8100_Pearl_4.2.1.107.exe) I got from T-Mobiles's site and still after installed it did nothing. Nothing happened. How does one RE-INSTALL the operating system after an APP ERROR 523 and 507 ERROR?

Nothing I have read works. Will I just have to return it for free replacement? Lucky for me I always did a backup every 2 days. That last backup was the 22nd, and the only change since then was an alarm set, a phone call from a friend, and an MMS I sent myself and another person, which were deleted.
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dsk4.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - App List36 viewsgadmin
dsk3.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - Calendar32 viewsgadmin
dsk2.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - Phone Log30 viewsgadmin
dsk1.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - SMS/Mail41 viewsgadmin
stargicon.jpgBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - App Icons60 viewsThe application icons. These are really nice to look at. gadmin
stargcalc.jpgBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - Calc38 viewsThe calculator interfacegadmin
stargcall.jpgBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - Caller ID Screen56 viewsThe incoming call screengadmin
stargconn.jpgBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - Connect42 viewsThis the screen you see when you connect to a PC. This is my favorite.gadmin
starghome.jpgBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - Home46 viewsThe home screen in "small mode". You can see the name of the icons just like in the the Zen themes.gadmin
starganim.jpgBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - Home Animation66 viewsClicking the Star next the Audio Profiles icon starts a short animation of twinlking stars and a UFO whizzing by. I got the screen cap just it passed by.gadmin
starglockp.JPGBlackberry Pearl Stargazer Theme - Lock Screen44 viewsI like the fonts. But they don't show up in ALL the screens though. Pity, it's a nice font.gadmin
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