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deleteingSpam-myspace.txtGetting rid of thos mySpace Tracker spam comments52 viewsRecently mySpace pages have been plauged with the mySpaceTracker comment spam. I found a way to remove the comment from your page. You have to do a bit of editing with HTML for it to work. But it does work.paulzy
400w-Dual-Fan-PS.jpgStar Tech 400w Dual Fan Power supply35 viewspaulzy
secuROM-strange-files.pngSecuROM funny files35 viewsThese were found in my Apps data folder. Hmmm?gadmin
BB8100_507error.jpgBlackberry Chronicles Part 172 viewsI have the same "APP ERROR 523" issue. I read this blog ( and suddenly realized what had caused it. I did indeed send myself an MMS,as well as an MMS forwarded as an e-mail. But, I recall deleting soon after. The last thing I did was set that alarm to wake me up at 10:30a to 'Jesus Of Suburbia' by Green Day. Now, this MP3 file was 22MB large and maybe that played a part. But, the strange thing was that when I woke to turn it off my Pearl was asking for my PIN password - which it only does when it first turns on. Then it aksed for my password, after that I heard a tone (one of my event reminders) and then it went to the APP ERROR SCREEN. So I reset it, and it just kept doing it, over and over.

So it may be an MMS file I recieved or sent. Or maybe the "Phantom" theme that I downloaded for free is the cause.
I cannot sy for sure, but I try it out and see. I did load some apps like xTemplate, and AutoLock and ColorPearl.
Maybe these are the issues.

I used the JL_Cmder program to no avail. I used it to wipe the Blackberry because that is what i read from here, but then I got the 507 ERROR. So the advice was "re-install the operating system".

I started the Desktop manager, and it does nothing. Except crash. I downloaded and installed the latest OS (8100_Pearl_4.2.1.107.exe) I got from T-Mobiles's site and still after installed it did nothing. Nothing happened. How does one RE-INSTALL the operating system after an APP ERROR 523 and 507 ERROR?

Nothing I have read works. Will I just have to return it for free replacement? Lucky for me I always did a backup every 2 days. That last backup was the 22nd, and the only change since then was an alarm set, a phone call from a friend, and an MMS I sent myself and another person, which were deleted.
1 commentsgadmin
dsk4.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - App List36 viewsgadmin
dsk3.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - Calendar32 viewsgadmin
dsk2.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - Phone Log30 viewsgadmin
dsk1.pngBlackberry Pearl Phantom Theme - SMS/Mail41 viewsgadmin
disaster4.jpgFourth boot screen (CHKDISK running) from dead/dying GF6800 ST card45 viewsDetail shot of the screenpaulzy
diaster3.jpgFifth boot screen (desktop loading) from dead/dying GF6800 ST card44 viewsI unintsalled 169.x and reinstalled 93.71. 93.71 is an WHQL driver. BTW, it did it again when I restarted the XP box just a few moments ago. XP put up that "Windows recovered froma serious error" dialog, and I submitted it ... yeah, I know... but then as I was going to the gametap webpage to check on this thread the screen went out again (the monitor BIOS message popped up saying the monitor is in powered off in power saving mode). I think it may be hardware related. Maybe the driver damaged the board when it tried to load thief within the GT player?

I'm going to have to open up the box and see if something is on it, like a bug or roach or something. maybe re-seating the card will get it back. Because I'm poor I DO NOT have the money to buy a new card. My refund hasn't come yet anyway, but I really don't want spend it on a video card. :C
messed-up2.jpgThird boot screen (CHKDISK running) from dead/dying GF6800 ST card55 viewsEven the boot screens are messed up during the CHKDSK scan. The worst part was during the text screen boot uppaulzy
messed-up.jpgDesktop screen shot from dead/dying GF6800 ST card55 viewsI re-seated the card and cleaned the dirt and dust off the fan and board. My PC was up for about an hour, and then the screen went on standby again. sigh... my refund comes Thurs, I found a GeForce 7600 GS for 87$ - guess it's time to upgrade. This is the second GF card that winked on me after a coupe of years (had this since 2004). My 1st was a GeForce3 that just started having D3D issues where it refused to start the game at all. Now this. Maybe I should go for a ATI card instead.

I like GameTap, really. But...all this did start only after loading Thief Deadly Shadows from within the GameTap player....
messed-up-2.jpgSecond boot screen from dead/dying GF6800 ST card46 viewsThis is just a disaster! Look at this mess. I let the PC rest for several hours, and it normal, bit then it went right back to this.gadmin
messed-up-1.jpgFirst boot screen from dead/dying GF6800 ST card63 viewsPC AMD ATHON XP 2800+ 2.1Ghz / 1.5GB RAM
nVIDIA GF6800 128MB / v169.21
AGP 8x
XP Home 5.1.2600 SP 2
After downloading and installing Thief III: Deadly Shadows via GameTap (GT) my screen went black and the monitor went on standby. Afterward, the screen came back on with the color set to (what appeared to be 256 colors) a low resolution, maybe 800x600 or 640x480. There was a system message stating that the video card recieved bad information and stopped functioning normally and suggested I reboot the system.

The system came back up normally, so I ran GT to remove Thief, believing it to be the cause, only to have it happen again just as GT was starting up. So I reset (not reboot because the system was non-responsive) and the screen was completed garbled at boot up time; the text was covered in vertical lines running up and down the screen. The reset triggered the checkdisk, XP came up and uninstalled and re-installed my nVIDIA drivers (this time v93.71). After which I ran Thief I, and it came up normally, but then a few minutes later the screen garbled up.

I underscore this only happen after attempting to play Thief 3. I also have Hitman 2 & Second Sight, and these play fine. I have not been able to try them out because when i attempted to run GT AGAIN today the screen went black and the monitor went to standby. Then a few minutes later the screen was at low resolution as before and a similar (not the same) meesage appeared saying there was a system error, but then the screen went black and the monitor went on standby again. I couldn't bring the screen back, but then the system restarted itself - at which point the screen was garbled again. anyone (long shot) having, or have had, any issues with GT causae video/screen corruption after running a game?

I really cannot help but believe that GT, or rather maybe a component within GT, caused this. As I said it only occured after trying to run Thief III.

I'm posting this from my win98SE B PC
messed-up-7.jpgGarbled screen / video driver gone bad35 viewsThis is the first screen I saw when all this started, this screen appeared today when i tried to run System restore, which as you can see....failed. Funny, thing...I am writing this from my XP PC and it has been of since 330pm. When I ran Guild wars it loaded the login screen, but then a few moments after the screen went on standby. So I pressed the START button and the screen cam back on. It's been on ever since. i was able to play Septerra Core, but DirectX/Direct3D games seem to....crash the video display. So I bought a GeForce 7600GS 512MB card on eBay. I hope it works better and yadda, yaddda yadda, etc, etc..blah blah blazzy blah blahh.gadmin
messed-up-8.jpgGarbled screen / video driver gone bad 236 viewsThis is the last screen shot of this card's behavior. I have given up. This is what neverwinter Nights looked like, and it out the screen on standby. I was in pressing focus-war with XP because it kept giving NWN focus and whenever that happened the screen go on standbay, becasue whatever crapped up signal the card is sending the screen is just garbage so the screen powers down to save iteslf, I guess. But, getting focus back to the desktop via the START key button brought it back.

As I mentioned i bought the 7600GS off eBay, if the auction was legit and I get the card, and it works, then issue resolved, for now. Or maybe I should just give up on nVIDIA altogether and go with another vendor - but the only other is ATI and are they any better? I miss Matrox, the Mystique G200 was the BEST card I EVER had. It worked on every system I had (still have)OS/2 3 & 4, Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, win3.1 & win98. Oh and the 3Dfx Voodoo3 3000 is still working in my win98 SE Pc after the GeForce 3 stopped running 3D games. Well, now Thief breaks whenever you leave the game 3D world to go to the 2D menu via the ESC key.

Stupid graphics cards. >:C
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