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YoFrankie-CrystalSpace.pngYo Frankie! game: CrystalSpace rendering (Very High Quality)65 viewsWhile this did run, it ran a bit slow and jittery.gadmin
upgradeError.pngError upgrading from 804LTS to 81057 viewsI did apt-get kubuntu-desktop, but I thought I got rid of it.
I mean i used sudo dpkg--reconfigure gdm so reselect GNOME as my DM
updateerror_scr3.pngUbuntu 8.04-8.10update error screen image 366 viewsUpdate error after upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10gadmin
upDateerror-scr2.pngUbuntu 8.04-8.10update error screen image 265 viewsUpdate error after upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10gadmin
updateError-scr1.pngUbuntu 8.04-8.10update error screen image 172 viewsUpdate error after upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10gadmin
Ubuntu.pngUbuntu - My desktop34 viewsI only just started to play with it. There more to it than XPgadmin
Ubuntu-File_operations.pngFile moving operation65 viewsgadmin
Thunderbird1.pngThunderbird 2.0.1642 viewsI haven't set it up yet. By default it's not installed. You have to use the Applications -> Add/Remove... menu dialog to enable it. Unlike XP getting to the System apps in Ubuntu is much easier, XP hides everything within many menu nests and windows and sub-folders.gadmin
Screenshot.pngUbuntu's screen capture dialog58 viewsPress PRINTSCREEN and this pops up. It lets you save the file and rename it.gadmin
Screenshot-2.pngSkyDome images55 viewsgadmin
Screenshot-1.pngSkyDome images126 viewsgadmin
QCAD.pngQCAD57 viewsI always wanted to use CAD. I did for a bit in 1992, but that DOS program was very limited. This appears to be AutoCAD quality.gadmin
Noatun_dialog.pngNoatun Music Manager45 viewsI don't use this because it doesn't work as it should. RythymBox Music Player works as it should and is better.gadmin
My-Ubuntu-with-Black-Men.pngDesktop cube fully loaded69 viewsThis shows the Ubuntu desktop cube with 6 desktops, and three are loaded with applications. One app is even bending around the corner of two desktops. See the reflection? Sweet...gadmin
Music_Browser2.pngShwing Ubuntu's music file browser. 41 viewsBy passing your mouse over the file, Ubuntu will start to play it. Cool! XP can't even do that.gadmin
Music_Browser1.pngUbuntu music brower again41 viewsgadmin
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