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flailBlender-1.jpgFlail - edit mode42 viewsThis the same flail I created in Autodesk 3DS Max 2009 created in Blender 2.48a. Slightly modified, since the concepts learned in 3DS were different in Blender. I could have done exactly, but I am just learning to use Blender. And the 3DS flail tutorial was easier to do since it was video and the guy was experienced.gadmin
flailBlender-2.jpgFlail - edit mode (wireframe - with handle selected)35 viewsI had problems creating the rings, The Blender site SAYS the Torus is included, but I never saw it. So I found a python script that allowed me to create the torus. But it created it as a separate object from the handle and ball.gadmin
flailBlender-3.jpgFlail - completed31 viewsgadmin
flailBlender-render.jpgFlail render 142 viewsgadmin
flailBlender-renderColored.jpgFlail - render 2 (with coloring)45 viewsI could've colored all the parts separately, but I forgot how to do that in Blender. So I colored the objects. Plus I added sun light. meh it looks like the Autodesk 3DS MAX flail, so I am proud, that I was able to do this without help and on my own. yay yay!gadmin
goblet-0.jpgGoblet - creating the basic shape from cubes through extrusion31 viewsgadmin
goblet-1.jpgGoblet - shaping the rim and internal cup49 viewsgadmin
goblet-2.jpgGoblet - the finished rim and cup38 viewsgadmin
goblet-3.jpgGoblet - shaping the stem with curvatures (sub-surfing)37 viewsgadmin
goblet-3a.jpgGoble - editing mode (pre-render)38 viewsgadmin
goblet-4.jpgGoblet - refining the base and stem elements39 viewsgadmin
goblet-5.jpgGoblet - final render (with default lighting)38 viewsgadmin
goblet-trans1a.jpgGoble - adding transparenscy for glassy effect38 viewsgadmin
goblet-trans1b.jpgGoblet - final glassy render (with adjusted lighting)36 viewsgadmin
goblet-trans1c.jpgGoblet - final glassy render (with shadow [which is grainy])38 viewsgadmin
Blender3Dgrid.pngSizing cubes up in Blender#d38 viewsIt helps to size cubes by using the grid. I use a workflow that designates four unit squares to comprise one grid square.gadmin
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