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BB8100_507error.jpgBlackberry Chronicles Part 174 viewsI have the same "APP ERROR 523" issue. I read this blog ( and suddenly realized what had caused it. I did indeed send myself an MMS,as well as an MMS forwarded as an e-mail. But, I recall deleting soon after. The last thing I did was set that alarm to wake me up at 10:30a to 'Jesus Of Suburbia' by Green Day. Now, this MP3 file was 22MB large and maybe that played a part. But, the strange thing was that when I woke to turn it off my Pearl was asking for my PIN password - which it only does when it first turns on. Then it aksed for my password, after that I heard a tone (one of my event reminders) and then it went to the APP ERROR SCREEN. So I reset it, and it just kept doing it, over and over.

So it may be an MMS file I recieved or sent. Or maybe the "Phantom" theme that I downloaded for free is the cause.
I cannot sy for sure, but I try it out and see. I did load some apps like xTemplate, and AutoLock and ColorPearl.
Maybe these are the issues.

I used the JL_Cmder program to no avail. I used it to wipe the Blackberry because that is what i read from here, but then I got the 507 ERROR. So the advice was "re-install the operating system".

I started the Desktop manager, and it does nothing. Except crash. I downloaded and installed the latest OS (8100_Pearl_4.2.1.107.exe) I got from T-Mobiles's site and still after installed it did nothing. Nothing happened. How does one RE-INSTALL the operating system after an APP ERROR 523 and 507 ERROR?

Nothing I have read works. Will I just have to return it for free replacement? Lucky for me I always did a backup every 2 days. That last backup was the 22nd, and the only change since then was an alarm set, a phone call from a friend, and an MMS I sent myself and another person, which were deleted.
1 commentsgadmin02/12/08 at 06:13gadmin: Thankfully this issue has been resolved. But I had...
IM000936.JPGMy Magic Card playingdeck67 viewsThis is my first playing deck. This is deck befor I turned into a Mono Green deck. It was to be all a Green deck with powerful creatures and Equipment cards that made them even more powerful.1 commentsgadmin07/29/06 at 10:42paulzy: I bought the Guildpack Fat Pack, and now I have a ...
IM000933.JPGMy card vaults68 viewsMy first two Magic card tin deck boxes and another one when I got some more cards.1 commentsgadmin07/29/06 at 10:41paulzy: My MAGIC card collection has increased to over 500...
little-pixel.gifnView 3.5 causes pixel to appear82 views nView 3.5 Release 80 causes this pixel to appear in the middle of the desktop (Desktop 1 if you're using mutilple desktops). This occurs with nView going back as far as FW v77.77 and if I recall v66.93 as well.1 commentspaulzy07/29/06 at 10:35paulzy: I figured out what this pixel was. It was a acbkgr...
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