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Last additions
WTF!_RB6S-corrupted.pngRainbow Six: Siege file as corrupted21 viewsgadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_RB6S-corrupted-verified.pngRainbow Six: Siege file verified as corrupted21 viewsgadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_RB6S-corrupted-repairing.pngRainbow Six: Siege files being repaired21 viewsgadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_RB6S-corrupted-repaired.pngRainbow Six: Siege file repaired20 viewsgadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_RB6S-updated-installing.png21 viewsgadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_ACS_stopped-working.pngAssassin's Creed v1.40 stopped working21 viewsNow after verifying, repairing, and running it stopped working.gadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_ACScorrupted-v140.pngAssassin's Creed (v1.40)20 viewsv1.40 intsallling...gadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_ACScorrupted-repaired.pngAssassin's Creed (Verify files repaired)20 viewsAfter updating Assassin's Creed Syndicate it said the ACS.exe file was corrupted and so I click to verify the files and it claimed to have resolved it, but it did not.gadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_ACScorrupted.pngAssassin's Creed (ACS.exe file corrupted)20 viewsAfter updating ACS the file became corrupted and failed verification. I sent it a support ticket.gadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_ACScorrupted-verified.pngAssassin's Creed (Verify files completed)20 viewsAfter updating Assassin's Creed Syndicate it said the ACS.exe file was corrupted and so I click to verify the files and it claimed to have resolved it, but it did not.gadminMar 03, 2016
WTF!_RB6S-updateRequest.pngRainbow Six: Siege game update request20 viewsIt asked to update, but after updating Assassins' Creed that game stopped working. So I cancelled this update.gadminMar 03, 2016
waa.jpgWhen Aliens Attack47 viewsA go awful documentary using unrealistic approach to an alien invasion of earth. Apparently the USA's FA-18 is the only plane capable of saving the world. it doesn't. Balloons seem to be the key.gadminJul 04, 2014
weedmaps.pngWeedMaps new site layout makes it HARD to print.108 viewsCLICK IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE

You cannot just print off the Weedmaps site anymore. The new HTML5/CSS layout looks pretty, but since it relies heavily on HLMT5, CSS, and Javacsript: the pages are impossible to print. In any browser the printed result will the same. The result is ugly unformatted text and images.
gadminJun 17, 2012
newbong2012.jpgnew bong35 viewsgadminJan 23, 2012
BOLT252.jpgBOLT 2.5.2 Discontinued as of Dec. 7, 201164 viewsCLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE, CLICK AGAIN TO CLOSE PREVIEW.

Bitstream has discontinued development of the Free BOLT Mobile browser for all platforms as of Dec. 2011. BOLT was a mobile browser that was rich in features and rivaled it's competition, Opera Mini. It allowed the user to experience a near PC like experience. Even though it did not have full Flash support (which many mobile devices do not), it still allowed users to view streaming videos on many sites such as YouTube.

The BOLT web site,, is still active, but only displays the above message. No word on a paid alternative.

Re-posted from .netBoard! (
gadminDec 18, 2011
BlackGarlicKush-MDX.jpgBlack Garlic Kush from MedX57 viewsCLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE. CLICK AGAN O CLOSE.

Smell, dank and Oh My God! A purely nice mental high, followed by a sweet swinging body high, and a melding of both. Oooh man, it's like Skywalker OG, but, with a small body high. It's nice. It makes me talkative though. Tastes sweet at first, then pungy, like garlic, then dank. I'm watching "Vampies Suck" and it's onlyslightly funny. But this sit will make you see things even after 5 hours. I smoke a whole bowl. Ooo hweeeee.

I got this from MedX Collective, and they had it listsed as an Indica, but when i ran a search for it the only thing i came up with was Garlic Kush, and that was an sativa, some olsted t as a shtbyrid. But if it is a Hybrid-Sativa Dominat, then it sure feels alike it. I'm cping down now, so there are tyiots, to work out inthis post. Surrt abiut that. ::))D
gadminDec 17, 2011
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