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Skies-Of-Arcadia_Land-Of-Ice_Fighting-Alania.jpgFighting Alania [Skies Of Arcadia]337 viewsAfter discovering the Lands Of Ice, I saw this huge thing floating in the sky. It was called Alania
There were two of them. I managed to kill them both. Later when I founf the Lopper's nest (see other pic) I injured it to the pint of dieng but it just ran off at the end of the battle. I suppose the Giant Looper can't be killed. But Alania went with a fight though.
MVC-526S.JPGDreamcast XDP Browser DVD case and Disc113 viewsA feature rich, updated version of the Dreamcast Browser. XDP was created by a Dreamcast user named Excalibur. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet. In fact, I last talked to the author and he said he had PC issues and wasn't feeling well. So, I sent him an e-mail saying that I will get the browser when he is reday to bur the DVDs.

In the meantime, I've gotten my hands on the US Beta 1 version of Broadband Passport and used it to get online with my Dreamcasts' BBA. I got tired of waiting for XDP, but I'll get it when Excalibur is feeling better.
PlanetWeb-30d.jpgPlanetWeb 3.0d48 viewsThese are the screens for PlanetWeb 3.0d. I was able to connect to my DSL router and get online with it. You have to set it for DHCP and not PPPoE. Here you see the main page, and the PlanetWeb homepagepaulzy
DCO_post.jpgBragging about my success43 viewsI was able to get online and make a post using my braodband connection with my Dreamcast using PlanetWeb 3.0d. But I cannot get online woith PAL Phantasy Star Online v2. It seems to need a PAL Braodband setup browser. paulzy
DSC00492.JPGVigoro's Boner [Skies of Arcadia]41 viewsThis picture is funny because if you look closely it looks like he has rageing boner! HAH AHAH AHAHAHAgadmin
DJ-burn-DC-BBAbp-Disc1.pngUsing Disc Juggler to create the Broadband Passport Dreamcast disc - part 136 viewsCLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE. CLICK AGAIN TO CLOSE.
Unzip the file and start Disc Juggler. The Trial copy works great for this.
Use a blank CD-R, NOT CD-RW. CD-RWs don't boot on the Dreamcast, in my experience.
Start Disc Juggler, either drag the CDI file onto the Disc Juggler
application and it will open it to the burn page or use the Open command.
DJ-burn-DC-BBAbp-Disc5.pngUsing Disc Juggler to create the Broadband Passport Dreamcast disc - part 536 viewsCLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE, CLICK AGAIN TO CLOSE.
Once it's done the disc will pop out the drive. Place it in your Dreamcast.
Turn on your Dreamcast, and select the Options menu to set it up.
Then press the Left Trigger to Jump to a website or bookmark to open the bookmarks.
Then the Right Trigger to JUMP to the Bookmarked site. You can also do other things.
If you have DreamKey v1-v3 or Jet Grind Radio (or any game that uses DreamKey) then the Broadband Passport interface is exactly the same.

Have fun surfing the web with your Dreamcast BBA!!
MGS-DC.jpg36 viewsScreenshot of Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation on Sega Dreamcast using
the bleem! disc. Note there a clear visual improvement over the Playstation screenshots.
Sony claimed PS1 games would look better on the PS2, but clearly that is not the case.
1-.jpgPerformance controller35 views paulzy
PSOv2_BattlePics-009.jpgSire Doime 2 and DaMan fall for each other35 viewsFalling down in the Pioneer 2 lobbypaulzy
DCO_index.jpgDreamcast Online Console main page34 viewsHere the OC index poage from PlanetWeb 3.0d paulzy
DJ-burn-DC-BBAbp-Disc3.pngUsing Disc Juggler to create the Broadband Passport Dreamcast disc - part 334 viewsCLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE, CLICK AGAIN TO CLOSE.
Also make sure the Mode is set to Mode 2, and that CD-XA is chosen.
And the write speed is slow for accuracy. On the Trial Version this really can't be set any higher anyway.
GaronTreachory-R4.jpgPlaying in the Optical Illusion Room34 viewsThis is a fun room to play in. You have to stay in the center of the camera, but PSO's character control is not very good.paulzy
MegaDubchic_TodaysRateQuest.jpgSire Doime 2 battling a giant Dubchick34 viewsIn the online quest "Today's Rate" you are faced with a shrinking device. It makes you move slower, and the fight with enimis is more challenging. In the end you face traps that shoot techniques at yoy. the last traps are Megid traps that kill with shot. I got a Evade Material for beating it online on Normal Mode.paulzy
Pics__023.jpgJapanese Download Quests34 viewsWhat are the names for these quests in English? I know the first one is "Soul of a Blacksmith", and that the sixth one is "Soul of Steel" paulzy
JGR_graffitti_Mar2002.jpgJet Grind Radio33 viewsThis my grafitti that I created in JGR back in March 2001. It says something dirty in Japanese about sex. I think it was gay joke about boys, I can't remember.

But, I remember how I was taking my time to create the mountains in the background. I was really happy about the outcome, but the Jet Grind radio servers were going down. So I while I able to get online and upload it, I never got tosee on thier web site. For some reason it let me upload, but it never stored the file. So I just saved the file to my VMU.

This is a digital photo of my tag. the actual VMU JPEG is on my other PC.
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